Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's this all about

A spin off from the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival, this is a place for Canadian Home Educating Bloggers to share poems they have read and written, especially during National Poetry Month, and to also share poetry resources. This will be a team blog. Canadian Home Educating Bloggers that want to participate can do so by emailing canadianhomeeducatorscarnival@gmail.com . They will then be invited to be a team member for the blog and will have permission to create posts for the blog. More guidelines will be put in place as the blog grows.

Inspiration for Reading Poems
Inspired by the Academy of American Poets Poetry Read-a-thon idea, I am inviting Homeschooling Canadian bloggers to use the blog to serve as a master log to record and share the lists of poems they read during the month. You can also use the journaling prompt suggestions on the Poetry Read-a-thon to journal about the poems. Use power point or some such program to turn one of your favorite poems into an Animated Text Flow Poem or create and share a Free Verse Project using lines from your favorite poem.

Inspiration for Writing Poems
Inspired by the NaPoWriMo Pledge Drive page I am inviting Homeschooling Canadian bloggers to use the blog to share poems that they write during April. The NaPoWriMo Pledge Drive page challeges you to write and post a poem each day in April, they even have a board where you can post your poems, whether you participate in the pledge drive or not. In the Poet's Workshop there are three poem writing ideas: Poems Based on Works of Art, Give Chance a Chance, Unexpected Odes. The challenges are more fulling explained in the "Post and Workshop" message board posts so be sure to click through to check it out. On the RePoWriMo (Refrigerator Poetry Writing Month) Blog the challenge it to write a poem a day using poetry magnets. If you don't have any you could always make your own or you can use the Online Magnetic Poetry site or the Shadow Poetry's Magnetic Word Poetry site. The English Room's 30 Days of Poetry site is a couple of years old but the suggestions are still great. It offers 30 Days of ooetry writing ideas especially geared to middle and high school students. On The Rubber Stamping Blog is a challenge to use poems on/in homemade cards, and for those that think poems must rhyme there is a link to Rhyme Zone for rhyming help.